Wonderful Women's Workshop

This is a full day workshop with horses as teachers/reflectors of you. No horse experience necessary.

Are you a wonderful woman who wants to make positive changes in your life?  

Do you sometimes doubt yourself, hold on to fears, and struggle to stay positive?

Do you want to understand yourself better, improve your relationships, be happy and positive?

This workshop will help you:

*  Understand your needs, and learn to meet them in positive ways

*  Identify inner conflicts

*  Overcome limiting beliefs

*  Change what you focus on

*  Set higher standards for what you will and won't allow in your life

*  Believe in yourself

*  Laugh and be happy

Activities with the horses will assist you to:

*  Connect with yourself and  others

*  Set personal boundaries

*  Live in the present moment

*  Recognise and change your negative patterns

*  Reach your inner confidence

*  Understand your communication style

*  Discover the REAL you.