The Riverina Equine Assisted Learning Centre

What is Equine Assisted Learning?

Equine Assisted Learning is a non-riding, experiential learning program. People learn about themselves and others by participating in structured, problem solving activities with horses, and discussing their feelings, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.  This process relates the activities in the arena back to real life, encouraging people to apply new insights and problem solving skills to their own life experiences. 

Life's Little Obstacles

One of our most popular activities, is "Life's Little Obstacles" (pictured above).  In this activity, participants must get the horses over the obstacle with the following rules: no touching the horses, no talking during the activity, no using anything outside the arena, and no bribing the horses. 


This demonstrates how we usually attempt to solve problems, what position we take - leader, follower, partner, - what we do when frustrated, whether our focus is on what we can't do, or what we can, and what motivates us to look for solutions.