Brow bands for horse or donkey

Fox pattern

Brow bands are a great DIY project that are both fun and practical.  You can make a very simple braided brow band, or get creative by adding beads. There are three brow band videos here, the blue one one on the right is a simple brow band using  2mm micro paracord and silver beads with a 5mm hole.   The middle video  is a fox brow band using a beading loom, and below right is a simple hand stitched brow band also using paracord and seed beads but it is hand stitched with no loom required.   Below are some links to items you will need to make these browbands.

RUBYCA Tibetan Silver Tone Color Spacer Loose Beads Fit European Charm Bracelet Mix 60 Pcs Lot For DIY

Atwood Rope 1/16 inch Microcord 100 foot spool, Mosquito Cord, 2mm paracord, Micro Parachute Cord - BLACK

I used these wisteria beads from Highly regarded beads on eBay  to make the purple fox browband. This shop has lots of good quality beads.

Size 8 beads from amazon

Pandahall 100PCS 15x11mm Rubberized Style Glass European Beads with Silver Brass Cores Large Hole Beads, Mixed Color, Hole: 5mm